American tribal style certified teacher.

Worthiness advocate for women and director of Black Cat Bellydance Studio. Sol started belly dancing in 2006 in Mexico. Through the years, she became a highly respected ATS belly dancer. In 2016, she founded Black Cat Bellydance Studio in Middle TN, USA, where she formed this beautiful and powerful dance community. In 2017 she got her ATS® Teacher Training Certification.

What is ATS ( American Tribal Style)?

ATS is a unique dance style created by Carolena Nericcio. The movements are inspired by folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and India. It celebrates the strength and beauty of working together as a group. Formatted steps, cues, eye contact, and the familiarity of musical phrasing allow dancers to stitch together an improvisational tapestry each time they dance.

Do you think it’s too late for you to learn Bellydance?

This elegant dance style was created by a strong and mature woman. Today, she is in her 60s, and she still dances!

What People Are Saying

“You are here to be the divine, beautiful, and powerful woman that you truly are”

Before taking the program I was a little lost and unsure of my physical capabilities. I was recovering from a running injury but still wanted some type of physical activity for my health. I had also wanted to try belly dancing but in my previous marriage I did not feel secure nor supported in doing so. While taking the courses in person and online I felt very supported by those around me and when I needed help. I had found friends and a family! My favorite thing was learning the history of the moves. My experience was an extreme confidence booster!! I would tell anyone thinking about it to definitely give it go!! Even for the friendships created its worth it.
Leslie Warren
Tennessee USA.
Sol is a naturally talented dancer who is also incredibly learned and knowledgeable. She has years of experience in many different styles of dance which gives her a well rounded background and repertoire. She is one of the most highly skilled dancers I’ve ever had the pleasure of dancing with and learning from. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is genuinely a wonderful and caring person to whom everyone who meets her is drawn to. She is able to create a truly caring and fun dance community with her warm and charismatic style. I highly recommend seeking out Sol If you are lucky enough to be able to study with her. You won’t regret it!!
Teri Melissa
Nashville, TN
Thank you Sol! Without you I would have never began this journey. I'm better in every way and 30lbs lighter because of the dance ❤️💃🏻.
Miranda Ezell
Tennesse, USA

“The Miracle of Dance”

A 6 month group immersion

Discover your potent divine dance goddess as you release your “I am not enough” archetype and manifest more love, joy, abundance and feminine power.

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Hello divine women!

I am Sol

and I am here to invite you to join this tribe, no matter your age, shape, or size. We will go together through this magical dance journey.

Divine woman, get juicy and high quality dance content and details of future events.

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