She is an American Tribal Style® Certified Teacher, worthiness advocate for women and Director of Black Cat BellyDance Studio

Sol started belly dancing in 2006 in Mexico. Through the years, she became a highly respected ATS belly dancer. In 2016, she founded Black Cat Bellydance Studio in Middle TN, USA, where she formed this beautiful and powerful dance community. In 2017 she got her ATS® Teacher Training Certification.

As a Certified ATS® dance instructor, Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner, and worthiness advocate for women, Sol has helped to transform the lives of many women through the years.

She has learned skills from different areas like consciousness, energy healing, business strategies, personal development, and leadership.

Sol is passionate about helping other women to elevate their lives through dance, awareness, and self-love.


In her leisure time, she enjoys a hike with her BFF Roxy🐶, paddle boarding and spending time with her two daughters.

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